Taking Inventory

Taking Inventory

We are all leaders in our home. We influence, instruct, empower and enable our kids everyday. The question we should ask ourselves is: 

                Are we leading them well?

Okay, you say, I’ll play along with this game. How do I know if I am leading well? To which I would respond with another question:

               How well do you know yourself?

Psychologist call this taking a personal inventory – reflecting inwardly and taking stock of what makes you, you. 

It might be a little nerve-wracking to sit and look inward, but self assessment is well worth it. The better we know ourselves, the better we can confidently and intentionally lead our children. 

So, here is a simple outline for you to assess your life right now.

Instructions: Ask yourself the following questions (answer honestly). Share your responses with a mentor or ask a friend to hold you accountable to growth areas, then follow up.

1. You

How do I think of myself?

How do I think others view me?

What from my past holds me back?

When I get triggered by life or by other people, what are my skills to address it? Could I improve upon these skills?

Do I know why I am on the planet? What is my life’s mission or purpose?

What is my relationship with God?

When I get into a funk or a rut, am I aware of what caused it? How to get out of it? What do I do  the next time it happens?

Am I at peace with my life?

What is my core positive belief when I feel empowered?

2. Others

How do I treat others?

How judgmental of others am I?

How genuine, rewarding and satisfying are my personal relationships?

Professional relationships?

Do I owe anyone an apology past or present? Do I need to make amends with anyone?

Do my friends (the people I spend the most time with) bring out the best of me?

3. Leadership

What kind of leader am I?

What are my strengths and weaknesses as a leader?

How much do I lead? How much do I follow?

How can I grow as a leader? What resources can I draw from?

Who are my role models in the realm of leadership?

4. Service

How much time do I spend serving/helping others?

Do I serve because I get something such as approval or recognition or because I just love to serve?

Is serving others important to me?

What does it mean to me to serve?

How can I serve others?

5. Celebration

How much do I celebrate my wins?

Do I celebrate others or get jealous when they are successful?

How much is play/having fun a part of my daily life?

Follow up:

  1. Remember  after answering the questions share with your mentor or accountability partner. Ask for feedback.
  2. Next, assess growth areas.
  3. Commit to a specific plan for growth.
  4. Celebrate your progress and practice enjoying personal growth and development.
  5. Teach personal inventory skills to your children.

Can you imagine the little warriors we will develop as we teach them to assess who they are?!  

Keep Living Out Loud

in HIM, terry