Sermons from November 2020

Sermons from November 2020

Forgiving Your Past & Blessing Your Future

To be a Christian means we recognize our need for forgiveness can only be met by what happen on the cross. Just like Joseph did with his brothers, Jesus released us of our debts before we could even ask. His sacrifice canceled our debts. He doesn’t just forgive us, but he blesses us and provides for us. Is there someone in your life you need to do the same for? 

Everything Is Against Me

You’ve not only thought it, you’ve probably said it. “The world is against me.”  But reality can often be far from it.  Joseph (and Jacob) have every reason to think that. But they learn that God is actually working through those very struggles for thier good. He is doing the same thing in your life.

Why Me?

Many of us are guilty in asking “Why me?” when something goes wrong or out of plan.  We can tend to view it as a personal attack. Joesph felt that same way when he was victimized by the very people who were to protect him the most. That is only when Christ came and revealed himself more valuable than what he had lost. More valuable than that attack.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

Life has a way of forcing us into new seasons and stages of life. Sometimes we go willingly and other times we go with a fight and in those times God meets you in that moment and is speaking over you.