Sermons from June 2020

Sermons from June 2020

Let There Be Light

There is a joy in walking with a person in their journey to find Christ. When their eyes are opened and they see all that Jesus is for them, there is nothing like it. Paul had dedicated his life in response to the call of God so this happens among people who have never known this. He wants more and more people to see the light of Jesus.

Presence Changes Everything

Glory is the power and perfection of God through Christ on full display by the Spirit. The freedom of Spirit allows us to give and receive forgiveness, live in love for God and man, and be free from condemnation.

Yes & Amen

As Paul faces attack on his work in Corinth, he defends not only his own integrity, but the gospel itself.

Pain & Purpose

Don’t waste your pain! This thing that has brought you so much pain could be a place of exceeding joy when you use it to help someone as they walk through their pain. Your pain has a purpose. If you don’t use it, it will be wasted.