Sermons on Eternity

Sermons on Eternity

In Light of Jesus’ Return

One of the things Scripture anticipates the most is the second coming of Jesus. Yet we have many questions about how and when it will happen. Paul & Silas write to this young church in Thessalonica to clear up some confusion so they will know how to live in light of his return.

Something to Look Forward To

In John’s last part of his vision, he helps us look forward to all that God is and has for us. Part 9 of Victor’s Crown: Revelation.

A Sigh of Relief

All the build up comes to this, the final events of the end time before the new earth. Part 8 of Victor’s Crown: Revelation

Early Warning System

John sees something terrifying coming in the future. It functions as an early warning system so that believers can share with others in love. From Revelation 12-16