Sermons by Wes Gunn (Page 3)

Sermons by Wes Gunn (Page 3)

Day 12 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 12: Thursday // January 18 Matthew 8:18-22 All people, believers and unbelievers, have priorities.  Jesus always demands to be first place in our lives.  Despite our good intentions, other priorities can get placed in front of him.  Consider the ways you may say, “But first…”  What keeps getting in front of your commitment to Jesus to follow him wholeheartedly and with full obedience?  Offer this struggle to him in prayer.

Day 11 // 28 Days of prayer

Day 11: Wednesday // January 17 Matthew 7:24-29  Examining the foundations we’ve built our lives upon can be difficult.  Foundations are quickly covered by the structure, flooring, and dirt.  We don’t usually think of our homes’ foundation until it has a crack in it.  Has there been a season in which you have been shaken to the core?   How might your life’s foundation be built on other words instead of the words of Jesus?  How would you know?

Day 10 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 10: Tuesday // January 16 Matthew 7:15-23 We live in a world with slick packaging and deceptive advertising.  Have you ever been enticed, then fooled, by what looks good on the outside?  Jesus states we will recognize destructive people by their fruit.  Ask the Lord for wisdom to see beyond the immediate issue in order to look ahead.  Ask him for discernment to not be fooled by smooth talk. 

Day 9 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 9: Monday // January 15 Matthew 7:1-5 Think of one or more people in your life that you want to “fix.”  It might be a family member or a co-worker that drives you crazy with their failings.  Jesus instructs us to first consider our own sin.  If you are tempted to fixate on their sin, begin by naming a few of your own sins.  Do you desire God’s grace and are you grateful for forgiveness?  How might your own…

Day 8 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 8: Sunday // January 14 Matthew 6:25-34 Consider for a moment all of the items that cause you to lie awake at night.  What are the concerns of tomorrow that have been giving you heartburn?  Visualize Jesus in a chair beside you.  Specifically name these worries and explain to him why your heart is in turmoil.  Imagine he speaks back to you the words of this passage.   How might handing over these concerns directly to him give you…

Day 7 // 28 Days of prayer

Day 7: Saturday // January 13 Matthew 6:19-24 We live in a world that encourages materialism and chasing the “money god”.  Consider your current financial habits.  Are you storing up your treasures in the right place?  Pray and ask the Lord to give you a heart for treasure that will last.  Ask for strength to resist the worldly treasures of the heart.   

Day 6 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 6: Friday // January 12 Matthew 6:5-14 There is something beautiful about the simplicity of the prayers of children. They don’t have an extensive vocabulary, just the honesty of presenting their heart before God.  Use the Lord’s prayer as a way to pray with simplicity today.  Avoid ritualistic phrases that are hollow.  Read and pray the Lord’s prayer today at least 5 times.  Use a different transition for each time to better grasp the meaning.   

Day 5 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 5: Thursday // January 11 Matthew 6:1-4  There is no shortage of ways for self-promotion these days.  Why do we do this?  What are we seeking from others?  Offer to the Lord your desire to be seen only by him.  How might you change some behaviors so that more of what you do is done in secret to avoid the praise of others?

Day 4 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 4: Wednesday // January 10 Matthew 5:43-48  Consider a person in your life that is in opposition to you.  Perhaps you’ve had a conflict in the past, experienced betrayal by them, or they have wronged you.  Take several moments to pray two specific blessings for this person. If you feel hesitation or anger that God would perform a blessing in their life, ask him to soften your heart. 

Day 3 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 3: Tuesday // January 9 Matthew 5:38-42 Retribution is a human instinct, yet Jesus urges us to resist the need to get even.  He instructs us to bless the difficult person in our lives.  Spend a moment thinking of someone who is always “draining” you or constantly asking of you.  How can you walk the second mile with them?   

Day 2 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 2: Monday // January 8 Matthew 5:21-26  Some people have a way of getting under our skin.  Our response might be to lash out in anger, name calling, or even violence.  The calling of Jesus is to seek reconciliation with those with whom we have an issue.  As you read these words, does a specific person(s) come to mind?  How might Jesus be calling you to take the initiative in reconciliation?  Pray through any resistance in your heart. 

Day 1 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 1: Sunday // January 7 Matthew 5:13-16 Light is something all people desire.  We need light in our house, lights to drive the car at night, and street lights for safety.  The world also needs the light of Jesus to be seen in us.  Jesus says one of the ways we shine that light is through our actions.  As you pray about being light, is there an action the Father has been prompting you to take? What good deeds…