Planted or Buried

Planted or Buried

Have you noticed no one ever says they are burying seeds, but they say they are planting seeds in anticipation of harvesting later?

We associate planting with life, newness and fruitfulness. But we bury to hide, leave, or end something. There is no expectation of future return.

I have a question for you: Do you live like you’re Planted or Buried?

God wants you to know that you’ve been planted, but satan wants you to think that you’ve been buried. So it’s critical that we know the difference between planting and burial: I believe the key difference is how we respond when situations arise.

A planted mentality says I have a future. A buried mentality says I’m stuck. I can’t.

When you plant a seed you fully expect that new life will come out of that seed.  While that seed is under the soil, it may appear that it is buried. Let me assure you, it is being transformed.

Just because you may be in a dark place now, doesn’t mean that that’s your final destination.

                                  Chris Burge

But satan wants you to feel that you’re buried. Buried in guilt. Buried in shame. Buried in regret. Buried in fear.  Buried in addiction. Buried in lies. And he wants you to remain buried, stuck in the dark.

God wants you to live with the constant awareness that you have been planted. You didn’t grow randomly. You were planted! God planted you in your mother’s womb so that you could grow into the powerful person that He created you to be.

Despite the challenges you have experienced (or will experience) live like you know that you were borne of incorruptible seed and that you were planted to be an overcomer in Jesus. Just because you have experienced darkness in your life–or you may be in a dark place now, it doesn’t mean that that’s your final destination, or that you are destined to remain in the dark.

If you find yourself in a mess: 

Expect to grow!

Expect to change!

And expect to thrive!

Most of us don’t want to experience being a planted seed–we are afraid of the dark. But part of being planted is enduring the darkness as we grow. We want to see the finished product without going through the process. (remember the acorn is pretty small in comparison to the huge oak tree.)

Being planted may be painful at times, but the alternative – being buried is far worst. When we allow ourselves to be buried by satan’s lies, we stop producing fruit and cease to transform. We cease to be who God created us to be!

Regardless of what season we are in life, we must constantly remind ourselves that we have been planted. No matter how bad things look, remember that you have been planted. 

 Psalm 119:71 (NKJV) says  that “It is good for me that I have been afflicted that I may learn Your statues.” 

If we trust God in the process we will come out of the darkness looking different than when we went in. The key is to be equally as committed to the process as we are the end result!

My prayer for us as parents:  Keep living (like planted seeds) out loud for HIM in front of  our kids so they will see and know that they know that their lives have purpose. AMEN


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