Offended Christians

Offended Christians

What’s the deal about Christians being offended?

Let me start by saying we are all humans, which means we experience physical moments on our spiritual journey. So yes, we may be hurt by people. However, we should be distinguishable in how we deal with our “hurt” feelings. 

Christians are some of the most easily offended people in the world, when in reality we should be the least. 

If we are discerning, we ignore gossip, we address concerns directly with the source and we extend grace abundantly. 

But for  those moments when others “hurt” you:

Be mindful of how you respond. BEFORE you speak, give yourself a moment to process not only what is going on with them, but what is going on with you. Where is your heart? What positive point can you focus on?

Have you misunderstood a statement or action? Mirror what the person said to ensure that you are not reading into words or actions. ASK them directly.

Choose ahead of time to not live an “offended life”. If someone says something hurtful to you- you have the authority to “not receive” what they say. What they say, may be a reflection of what they feel about themselves. It could be their cry for help.

Do not allow someone else to cause you to sin.  Jesus became angry, but his anger did not lead Him away from God. Seek the counsel of a godly friend before you act. There is a reason scripture says don’t let the sun go down on your anger. It gives the enemy a sore to infect.

Know that God sometimes uses pain to grow us. Joyce Meyers puts it this way: “Every time you’re going through a trial, you have a promotion coming”! Ask God if he is using a situation to grow you? Write scripture(s) on post it notes and read them daily while you are seeking answers.

Remember, satan is the slanderer (that’s what devil means) and he uses hurt feelings, gossip etc to  destroy relationships. He wants to sow discord, but God despises it.  

Our children are watching. We profess to them about Jesus’ love for us, but if we don’t live it (lovingly) in front of them, what we SAY about Jesus doesn’t matter.

Keep Living Out Loud

in HIM,