Memory Work

Memory Work

May I help you for a moment? 

I would love to help you teach your children how to walk in the authority of Christ.

Memory work.

Let’s start by committing to learn this statement and practice saying it aloud to your children as often as you can.

“You have the authority to reject what is not true! Love yourself, like God loves you!”

Break it down

Now let’s break the statement down so they understand the magnitude of the words.


The authority they (we) have comes from God; the same God that spoke and the universe was created; the same God that became man in the form of Jesus, died and rose again. I would encourage you to find moments in your day to share and reveal God’s authority (His Nature-birds, air, trees, water, sky etc) to them, so they understand what God has given them.


The truth begins with them knowing that their identity is not based on what someone else says about them, but their identity is in who Christ says they are.  Speak, read, sing and write scriptures of truth over them when they get up, lay down, come and go.  Identity Scriptures Click Here  

Empower your children. Teach them to say “I do not receive” what is not meant for me! 


It is difficult to put into words the love God  has for us. We categorize things and people by how they make us feel or their proximity to us. God measures things by who He is. His love for us is not dependent on us at all. His love for us is based on He is Love!

I think the best way to teach our children to love self is to teach them about the character of God. The more we fill their spirit with His Spirit, the more they will identify with Him. 

Helping your children build a foundation in Christ is a process. A path. It is intentional. So let’s get started today.  Say it and say it often.

“You have the authority to reject what is not true!  

Love yourself, like God loves you!”

Keep Living Out Loud

in HIM, terry