In the midst of chaos, what do you choose?

In the midst of chaos, what do you choose?

I’m sitting here in my family room with clothes and papers sprawled over the floor and luggage everywhere.

My daughter is preparing to go back to grad school this weekend.

Any other time I would be quite annoyed  with the mounds of stuff heaped through out the house. But today I am so thankful for each pile.

That is a huge statement coming from me!

I like order, clean lines, clean floors, and schedules. My daughter can function quite well in chaos as long as there is sparkling mineral water.

But each of these piles represents a part of my daughter.  Where I originally saw chaos and disorder, I now see thru her eyes- memories, a few promising outfits and reminders of past accomplishments.

Truthfully, I will miss the piles next week. They are not only a part of her, but they are a visual to a lesson I learned because of her. My daughter has a way of bringing joy to everything she is a part of.  This summer she has shown me that in the midst of chaos- there is always a choice!

What do you choose to do in the midst of chaos?

Choose to focus on what is important– When things get out of hand whether relationally or task related, breathe. Ask yourself what is most important? Then focus on that one thing first. (Matthew 6:33)

Choose to focus on the possibilities– Sometimes we accumulate things and even people in our lives that get in the way of what can be. It’s okay to let go OR even repurpose some relationships and some things. (Proverbs 18:15)

Declare who you are- This one is probably the most important. When you know the Authority of God, no one can shake you. When you know your purpose, it’s easier to stay on course when “stuff” happens. When you know who you belong to, no one else can put labels on you. (Zephanaiah 3:17; Psalm 16:8)

The choice is ours to make. However, the choice we make impacts those around us, especially our children.


Keep Living Out Loud.

in HIM, terry