Get your HEC in check

Get your HEC in check

Let’s cut to the chase. If we’re being honest, We’ve parented more than we want to out of our emotions.  You know, those days we were tired, frustrated, frazzled, and hungry, and we let those emotions determine how we interacted with our children. I am thankful for family and friends who would make me question my actions  after days like that and tell me to get my H.E.C. (HEC) in check. (sidebar: you need some of those people in your life)

Hunger, Energy, Cravings, that’s the HEC I’m talking about. How we parent, take care of ourselves, and interact with others is impacted by HEC. It is crucial that you get your HEC in check:

What I’m hungry for dictates what I feed myself.

Hunger is a natural function. We must feed ourselves in order to grow, but it’s what we feed ourselves that determines who we become.

Spiritually, I can feast on the Word or I can devour Romance novels, How-to books, or Sports Magazines. Whatever fills me, will flow out of me.

Physically, I can feast on nutrient dense foods that are good for me or I can devour nutrition- less foods that may be good in the moment, but will negatively impact me long term.

What I allow to charge me, will change me.

Energy is needed to give us strength. We don’t often think of energy negatively, but it is this over site that leaves a lot of us desperate and drained. 

Spiritually, I can be energized by Holy Spirit- knowing that God’s breath is in me. I can know that He prepares a table for me, in the presence of “bad stuff” OR I can rely on myself to get me through life and become overwhelmed.

Physically, I can push myself to do a little more than I think I can and gain strength in the process  OR I can do nothing and complain about what I can’t do, becoming weaker in the process.

What I must have, must have me!

Cravings will consume the mind. Recognizing the source of a craving is important.

Spiritually, I can earnestly desire to know God-learning about His people, His plans and His precepts. I can become a voracious learner- studying how Jesus’ life points back to God.

Physically, I can note why I’m craving certain food(s) and then make a change in dietary habits to keep the craving at bay OR I can give in to the craving without any thought as to why  and continue to repeat this cycle over and over.

Being honest about what I allow into my life, my space, and myself is so important because it allows me to “show ” my family  what’s most important to me. I’m telling you – Keeping your HEC in check is not just good for you, it’s good for your family!

Keep Living Out Loud

in HIM,