Divine Encounters

Divine Encounters

Does your idea of Missions involve exotic and foreign places where most of us will never go? If that is how we define Missions, many of us will never feel responsible. Missions is designed for each person to participate and is more about purpose regardless of the location. So what exactly is Missions?

First, Missions is God-ordained and involves being sent for an intended purpose. Think back to Genesis 12 when Abraham was sent as a part of God’s plan to establish a nation of faith-filled people. Second, Missions is carried out by faith. Abraham did not have it all figured out. He simply obeyed God one step at a time. In total, Missions is God’s plan to use you to project Him.

Recently I’ve had two divine encounters (impromptu meetings used to honor God but later you realize that God set them up). In one instance, I stopped at a tire shop; an ordinary frustration that most of us have endured. As I waited outside, I approached a restless customer. I noticed a co-worker who had given us some space while I shared the Gospel. I am not sure how the message affected the waiting customer besides his nods and short answers. However, the co-worker had overheard me sharing the Gospel. The message stuck with him. He gave his life to Christ and he wanted me to know it. Now I am beginning to disciple him.

In the other instance, I ministered for years in our local jail. Upon leaving one particular night, there was a woman making arrangements for her boyfriend. I shared the Gospel with her. She knew that it was hard striving in this world without God. The woman was an addict and suffered the loss of many in her immediate family. The woman shared the encounter with her boyfriend who would let me know that she received Jesus and is no longer an addict. She is free! They are no longer dating but he has repented and is now living for Jesus. He looks quite different and so much better than before.

There was nothing abnormal about what I did. I was already there and did not have to go out of my way. I was simply willing! The way to be a responsible steward is to understand Missions. In God’s plan you find purpose and it’s not apart from sharing the Gospel message.

Remember these 3 things to help you live intentionally with God’s mission in mind.

  1. You were blessed to be a blessing. God blessed Abraham to be a blessing to others. God chose Abraham to be an ancestor of generations of faith-filled people. Are you one of them? Get ready and be willing to bless someone else.
  2. God arranges divine appointments. God knows where He wants you to be, who He wants you to share the message with, and how it will affect those around. Your next stop is already arranged. Will you speak and proceed to share the Gospel message? Seize the moment and let few opportunities pass you by.
  3. Use questions to start conversations. Do not make it difficult. Ask some questions like: “Why is God so interested in you?” which brings out emotion or “Who do you say the Lord is?” which is very effective or something more subtle like “How many ways are there to heaven?” The idea is to set yourself up to present the Gospel message.

Brother Jordan, Regional Director for the Indian Subcontinent


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