Discipline? Why?

Discipline? Why?

Have you given much thought to why you discipline your kids?

I think we focus too much on the act of disciplining (training) our kids rather than why we’re training our kids. I know this sounds like semantics, but focusing on the why allows us to  speak to our children in terms of who God says they are and who God says they are becoming. Focusing on the act traps us in an unpleasant moment that is usually emotionally draining.

When we know the why of our  discipline/training plan we can clearly, concisely and consistently share it .

Questions I need to ask about Discipline: 

Why Do I Discipline/Train my children?

1.What is important to our family? What do I want us to value?

2.What kind of person do I want our child  to be?

3.Do my current discipline practices match what I say is important?

4.Do I have a plan to help guide them? Are we following the plan consistently?

5.How can I keep the family focused on why we’re training?

Once you’re clear on these questions, share them with your family. Often!

Hebrews 12:10-11

Our parents trained us for a little while. They did what they thought was best. But God trains us for our good. He wants us to share in His holiness. No training seems pleasant at the time. In fact, it seems painful. But later on it produces a harvest of godliness and peace. It does that for those who have been trained by it.” NIRV

Living Out Loud

in HIM, terry