COVID 19 Information

COVID 19 Information

Worship is INDOORS at 9 and 11 AM.

Online broadcast will continue live at 9 am. Visit out main homepage for links to Facebook live and Youtube.


The health of our church family at RHC is a priority.  Based on current events, we’re evaluating everything that happens on a Sunday to minimize the spread of COVID 19.  As Christians we are not a people of fear, but God desires us to walk in wisdom.  Here are a few items we want you to be aware of…

1.  For all of our safety, we encourage anyone not feeling well to remain at home.  We understand many of you have health concerns or are immunocompromised and need to self-quarantine. This is greatly encouraged.

2.  Since we are meeting indoors, it is extremely important to bring your own mask. Extras will be available if you don’t have one. Please leave 3 seats between you and the next family unit. Every other row has been removed to allow maximum space.

3. All surfaces such as door handles, tables, etc. have been wiped down and will continue to be on an ongoing basis. Even the writing pens have been wiped down, but you may want to bring your own. 

4.  We always have hand sanitizer around the atrium, but of course our best defense is hand washing.  We have plenty of soap and towels in the rest rooms. 

5.  For the foreseeable future, we encourage a smile and a wave rather than a handshake or hug.  

6.  We’ve decided to suspend the coffee service and serve water bottles only. 

7.  To minimize the touching of surfaces, we are changing our communion practice.  Sunday you’ll you’ll collect a communion cup on your way in the door (to avoid passing of trays).  Your communion cup will not only have the juice, but a section atop will contain the bread.  So you’ll only be touching your cup.  

8. We will also not be passing an offering bucket.  Drop boxes will affixed to the walls by the doors for you to drop an offering or connect card in on your way out.  You can always give online as well. 

9.  We are not offering a kids program at this time. Parents may pick up an age appropriate busy bag for kids to use during the service (yours to keep). Also note the playground is closed at this time.