Volunteering At Night To Shine

Volunteering At Night To Shine

We are so excited for your interest in serving at Night to Shine! There will be many opportunities at Night to Shine to help each of our honored guests feel like Kings and Queens for the evening!

Here are some of our key volunteer roles:

  • Buddy Team: You will accompany and assist your assigned guest throughout the evening. You will sit with your guest during dinner, dance with them, and participate in activities with them. We recommend that volunteer buddies be at least 16 years old.
  • Floater Team: You will constantly “float” around the main event/dance floor space, kitchen, restrooms, and outdoors to assist anywhere an extra hand is needed.
  • Flower Team: You will assist with our guests with their corsages and boutonnieres when they arrive.
  • Food Prep/Service Team: You will assist with and serve our catered food and refreshments throughout the evening. 
  • Hair, Makeup & Shoeshine Team: Welcome each guest to a salon station for hair and makeup or to a seat for a shoeshine.
  • Guest Registration Team: You will be some of the first faces that our guests will see when they arrive! This team will also assist with check in and will help guests connect with their buddy for the evening. 
  • Paparazzi Team: Take photographs and treat our honored guests like celebrities and VIPs.
  • Red Carpet Team: This team will assist and announce guests as they make their way down the red carpet, help manage flow of traffic and cheer them on to make them feel welcomed!
  • Sensory Team: You will spend time with our guests who may feel over stimulated on the dance floor or in other areas of the event. Interact with them by participating in sensory activities, singing or listening to calm music or simply providing them with some quiet time.
  • Transportation/Parking Team: Assist guests with finding a parking spot and when they arrive helping them find our registration station and assisting guests when they leave Night to Shine.
  • Set Up/Tear Down Team
  • Virtual Celebration Team: Night to Shine has a pre-recorded prom experience that will be available to those who want to be a part of Night to Shine but cannot attend in person! This team will help provide a great experience for them.

volunteer training

More information will be available on Volunteer Training soon.


Thank you so much for your interest in serving at Night to Shine! Registration to serve at Night to Shine 2025 will be open soon.