The Baptism Talk

The Baptism Talk

Baptism is a beautiful and exciting conversation to have with your child(ren). When they’re ready, here are a few thoughts.


Share your own baptism experience. When did you ask Jesus to be in control of your life? What was it like?


Has your child brought the subject up? Commit to answering their questions or getting someone else to answer the questions- What seems silly or simple to you may be their way of processing this symbolic act. REMEMBER kids think literally.


Be intentional in asking them questions: Why do you want to be baptized?  What does it mean to be water baptized?  When did you decide to follow Jesus and ask him to save you?    Spend as much time as your child needs getting clarity for each of these questions. Perhaps using the example of a married couples’ wedding rings, will help bring clarity to the concept of salvation and baptism. Wearing a wedding ring does not “make you married”, but it is a symbol that let’s everyone else know that you are married. What makes you married is the vow you make to one another.


Don’t reward kids for being baptized with parties or treats etc.,  You want to celebrate them, but the focus is on praising God for their life, not on praising your kids for “performing”.


What’s the post baptism plan? First of all, be honest. Life after baptism isn’t all roses. They will still get angry, sad, hurt etc.,  Teach/model for them dependence on God and his Word (the bible). Teach them how to look up “topics” in the bible. Install the bible app on their phone. Download a daily reading plan, or podcast on their phone.

Here are a few scriptures about baptism:

  1. Jesus is our example: Matthew 3:13-17
  2. We repent and are baptized Acts 2:38; Acts 8:35-38
  3. Sin separates- Ecclesiastes 7:20, Acts 3:19
  4. God loves us so much, He sacrificed his son for us. Romans 10:9-10
  5. Baptism is a picture of Jesus triumph over death (sin) Romans 6:4
  6. Life isn’t perfect. We all sin. Peter 3:18
  7. Living for Jesus is a daily walk. 1:1-2

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in HIM, terry