Teach Me To Pray

Teach Me To Pray

One of the most precious sounds is that of a child pouring their heart out to God.

Give your children the opportunity to pray often. Encourage them to PRAY OUT LOUD.

You may even talk about postures (kneeling, sitting, standing, laying face down) of prayer. Whatever you do, let them pray.

If you say a prayer for your child, they may be informed, but teach them to pray and they will be transformed. Amen.

I’ve combined a few of my prayer  thoughts  with a guide from  Children’s Ministry  to get you started:

Praise God.

God you made everything. You are Great and Strong. You are Loving and Protective. You are Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Thank God.

Thank you for making me. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for the family you gave me.

Pray for Others.

God please take care of _____________.  Show me how to help them.

Pray for the Country.

God, please help the leaders in our country make wise decisions. Please show me how to be a good leader.

Pray for the Church.

God, please take care of Pastor Wes. Please help us learn more about you. Show us how to teach others about you. .

Pray for our Schools.

Thank you for all of our schools. Thank you for our teachers and everyone that helps to care for us as we learn.

Pray for Health.

God, I know you can heal anyone at anytime. Thank you for the bodies that you give us.