Starting Path

Starting Path

New to the Redland Hills family or just beginning to take some steps towards God?  We’d love to invite you to taking a journey with us in our StartingPath series.   Your advance registration is appreciated.

In StartingPath 1- CONNECT we explore what it means to know God by connecting with Jesus through our faith.  We’ll also share about the Redland Hills Church story and how we have a place for you.  

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In StartingPath 2- COMMUNITY we discuss what it means to live in Christian community.  Because no one does well living life alone, we want to facilitate encouraging relationships in your life.  You’ll finish with some specific next steps to get plugged in.

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In StartingPath 3- COMPASSION we discuss how God has uniquely equipped you to extend compassion to the world both locally and globally.  You’ll identify how God has given you gifts to be used for serving others and walk away with some specific opportunities to use them.

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