Sp2 Enneagram Assessment

Sp2 Enneagram Assessment


In StartingPath 2, our aim is to explore who I am so I can discern my role in the community God has me in.  

Special Instructions Prior To Session

StartingPath 2 functions more like a discovery lab.  Prior to our gathering we need you to take a few moments to take a personality assessment.  You’ll bring the report with you to session as we discuss who you are and 

Click here to take the assessment

It takes about 10 minutes to complete.  The test is free to get the basic result.  There is no need to buy the full report unless you so desire (use coupon code ONLINE10 and the cost is $10 for full report). 

Record your primary enneagram number so we can discuss on Sunday.   You might screen shot your pie chart for reference and bring it with you.