Sermons from June 2019

Sermons from June 2019

Growing in Community

As God gives the Spirit to believers, there is an expectation of growth. One place Paul looks for evidence of that growth is our relationships with each other.

Our Unity In The Cross

In his opening statement to the church in Corinth, Paul encourages them towards unity. If you focus more on points of disagreement than agreement in your encounters with other believers,, you are weakening the testimony of the cross.

Eyes of a Leper

Jesus healed the ten lepers but only one came back to thank him. Would you be the one returning with a grateful heart?

Let Go & let God

So…why don’t we trust God in all things? Is it because we do not know His strength, His presence and His provision in our lives? Don’t underestimate Jesus or count Him out. Acknowledge Him in everything you do.