Sermons by Wes Gunn (Page 8)

Sermons by Wes Gunn (Page 8)

Wreck Detection

It is not always easy to tell when our emotions have gone out of bounds and are wrecking our faith.  Elijah was a man of God, but it didn’t make him immune from struggling with this. God gently brings him back to a place of obedience.

I’ll Do It!

In a surreal moment, Isaiah has an encounter with God that opens his eyes to the glory of God. That propelled him to say yes to God for whatever mission God had for him.  It might impact our desire to say yes as well.

Outnumbered & Outmatched

No one likes to be the underdog, yet that’s exactly why God may tap us on the shoulder to do something in His Kingdom. If you’ve ever struggled with “How Can I?” then this is an encouragement for you.


What do you do when God prompts you to do something bigger than you? If you feel inadequate for the journey ahead, this message will be a helpful reminder of God’s provision.

Waiting Game

If you find yourself praying “how long, God…” then you are in good company.  600 years before Jesus, a man prayed the same prayer.  God’s response changed his heart.


Most of us operate out of the assumption that mercy has limits.  Jesus turns that thinking upside down in a conversation with Peter.

Don’t Give Up

Community is hard work and often messy.  Paul says to the church in Galatia, “don’t give up on it!”

New Desires

Listen to this week’s sermon to find out what you do with your freedom.  You are from sin, not free to sin.

The Source

A special VBS service celebrating our theme “Jesus’ Love is Cool”

Know Who You Are

Do you know who you are?  We’re not talking about who your driver’s license says you are.  But do you know your identity as a child of God and how that impacts your life?  Knowing you identity changes provides confidence in your destiny!


Paul is “astonished” by a young group of believers- but not in a good way.  His response to them gives us one of the most powerful explanations of how we are saved by faith in Jesus.

Uncommon Courage

3 guys, taken in captivity, elevated to high government positions, face the ultimate test if they will risk everything for what is right .