Sermons by David Noles

Sermons by David Noles


How can you practice Sabbath-keeping today? Let the fear go. The fear of self-centeredness, self-control, and self-power. Put it aside and rest in the joy of God today.

Bigger Than Your Shame

Shame is a tool the enemy uses to hold us in a prison of guilt and embarrassment. But Jesus came to set us free from shame so that we may have freedom.

Highs and lows

Part of the rhythm of life is highs and lows. The disciples also experienced them in their life with Jesus. Be encouraged that God is working in both the highs and lows to shape you.

Praying Intentionally

We know in our mind talking to God is an important thing. But often we don’t know what to say.  Fortunately, God has given us some helpful words to express our hearts.