Teach Us To Pray

Teach Us To Pray

You Need A Strategy

You might play prayer defense in response to difficult situations in your day. But when do you play prayer offense? Pastor Wes offers some prayer strategy to help you fight the battles. The conclusion to the series “Teach Us to Pray.”

From Possibility to Reality

The early church’s answer to crisis, devastation, and disaster was never hopelessness or resignation, but met with devoted prayer. A need is made known and the church responds by getting on its knees and interceding. What would it look like to be part of a church like that?

Confession leads to Transformation

Prayer does amazing things you can’t do on your own. For us to really open up ourselves in prayer to God we musty invite him to see us as we really are. If you are bold enough to be honest with God, healing will come.

Won’t Stop Knocking

Have you ever felt like your prayers are knocking on a door that someone won’t open? If prayer has felt that way to you or does now let the words of Jesus encourage you today.

I need A Teacher

Can you imagine what it would have been like to sit and listen to Jesus pray? We don’t have to follow a specific formula to talk with God, but practicing different ways to pray can help us find deeper purpose and connection to Him through our prayer time. When Jesus taught his disciples to pray he gave them a prayer outline called “The Lords Prayer.”