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Sermon Archive

It’s A Must

Buddy Bell gives a compelling sermon about dying to self. He teaches on how that “it’s a must” to die to self to receive the promises of God.

Compassion in action

Todays message is about compassion and how to show it to our neighbors.Take a journey with us as we learn about how Abraham showed compassion to some traveling strangers and how we can learn to be more compassionate to the people around us.

Feed the Fire

We all have spiritual gifts and it is important to use them for God’s glory. In order to keep the fire burning for Christ we have to develop spiritual disciplines. Satan will try to use fear or other distractions to keep us from fulfilling what God has planned for us. We must keep fueling the fire each day to be used by God.

Day 28 // 28 Days of prayer

Day 28: Saturday // February 3 Matthew 28:16-20 We have been commanded and given the authority of Jesus to make disciples.  How have you been engaged in the King’s mission?  What role are you playing to help others become a follower of Jesus?  What would you desire to do but are fearful to try?  How does the promise of the presence of Jesus encourage you?  As we conclude these 28 days, ask Him for the confidence to walk in his…

Day 27 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 27: Friday // February 2 Matthew 25:31-46  In this difficult passage, the goats are condemned, not because they wouldn’t do for God, but because they neglected to do for others.  Ignorance was not a valid excuse.  Doing for others is doing for Jesus.  As you go about your day, ask the Lord to give you his eyes so that you can see the needs the Father sees.  Ask for the wisdom of how to  alleviate the suffering of others. …

Day 26 // 28 Days of prayer

Day 26: Thursday // February 1 Matthew 25:14-30 Are you being faithful with what is entrusted to you?   Which of these three people do you identify with the most?  Is your inclination to bury it for safety or to invest it for a return?  Ask the Lord today to help you be a faithful steward with the resources he has entrusted to you.  How can you use them for Kingdom purposes?  If he gives you more, pray for a…

Day 25 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 25: Wednesday // January 31 Matthew 25:1-13  We expect first responders and our military to be ready at a moment’s notice to act when needed.  What about followers of Jesus?  We should live lives ready to receive the second coming of our King.  Jesus indicates in this parable that it is possible for believers to have good intentions, but fall into a sense of apathy and unpreparedness.  Examine your own readiness today.  How has your oil run out?  Have…

Day 24 // 28 Days of prayer

Day 24: Tuesday // January 30 Matthew 23:1-12  Jesus’ harshest words weren’t for the pagans or “sinners…”  they were there for the religious people who thought they “had it all together”.  They didn’t live out the principles and holy instruction on they talked about, teaching us that just knowing the information doesn’t lead to automatic life transformation!  Ask the Lord today to keep you from any hypocrisy.  Pray that your words are in alignment with your actions.  Ask him for…

Day 23 // 28 Days of Prayer

Day 23: Monday // January 29 Matthew 22:34-39  In a busy world where we know we can’t do everything, we’ll sometimes ask “what is the most important thing I must do?”  Jesus answers this question by commanding us to love God and love our neighbor.  Everything else revolves around these two items.  Pray for our church today to grow in our love for God. Ask him to help us grow deeper in our devotion and passion to live for him…

Just As God Promised

As Executive Director of Mission Alive, a church planting ministry, Tod Vogt, was in on the planning of Redland Hills from the very beginning.  He was in town on Sunday to celebrate the church’s 10th birthday. 

Day 22 // 28 Days of prayer

Day 22: Sunday // January 28 Matthew 20:29-34  These are two powerful words: “Jesus stopped.”  Consider that the Son of God was not so busy that he didn’t have time to stop and hear the cries of two blind beggars.  Take a moment to praise God today for his compassion, his listening, and His action in your life.  Pray for those around us who need that same touch of compassion.  Ask God to keep you from quickly passing by those…