Raising Confident Kids!

Raising Confident Kids!

Do you desire your child to be confident in who he/she is?

A confident child in Christ is quite different than a brash, entitled and spoiled child. Our desire is to raise the former. However sometimes in our efforts to raise confident children we foster habits and environments that are more conducive for the latter child.

So how do we raise confident children? 

First we must recognize that raising a confident child means helping him/her believe that he/she matters-period!  Affirm your child for who he/she is apart from any activities or task they perform.

Try these 3 ideas this week.

1. Make reading scriptures a part of your daily rhythm. Make car time a time to talk about who they are in Christ. As you tuck them in at night, make sure you pray scripture over them. Text them a scripture about their identity. Write a note on the mirror.

2. Speak to your children in terms of who God has ordained them to be. “You are chosen by God”, “You are a Difference Maker”. Our kids may make bad decisions, but PLEASE do not label them as bad (slow, stupid, etc) kids. They may become that “person” you keep speaking over them.

3. Affirm them in a “challenge” they are overcoming. Whether it is tying shoes, saying kind words, reading, etc., let them know you see them pursuing the person God has called them to be.

Psalm 139:13-14 are great affirming verses. Teach them to your children. Show them by your actions what it means to live confidently in Christ. Live out loud and to the full in Christ. John 10:10

Living Out Loud

in HIM, terry