Parenting Through the Mess

Parenting is hard work.  It’s hard for for many reasons, but one major reality is that life is just messy.  Strong willed kids, homework, sports, discipline problems, catching every cold going around school, and ever increasing expenses to raise a child are just a few of the complications of being a modern parent.  Because many of our families have kids at home, we really wanted to equip and empower our parents to handle life’s situations with God’s wisdom.Parenting

On Saturday, Oct 18, Redland Hills Church hosted Dr. Al Millergren for a time to equip our parents. Dr. Millergren not only shared some helpful tips on communication, discipline, & fostering spiritual growth, but he also shared his own parenting journey or joy and struggle.  It’s tempting to think that other parents have it all figured out and that we’re always doing something wrong.  But we wanted to encourage parents, especially those who are in a pit of despair.

Favorite communication tip: Learn to ask relevant questions.  Our parents discussed a lot of types of open-ended questions to really understand our kid’s heart and mind.

Favorite discipline tip: Establish family rules.  How can we discipline kids for things that haven’t been communicated.  Write some family rules and post them on the fridge along with the consequences for breaking them.

Favorite spiritual development tip: Make their growth in the Lord fun!

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