As a community of faith, we welcome parents and children to worship together, and we consider the presence of children in our worship service to be a blessing to our entire body.

We offer 3 classes presently:

  • Nursery
  • PreSchool – K5
  • 1st-3rd grade


Our nursery class is a teaching environment.  We believe even small children can learn God loves them. Nursery check-in begins at 8:40am.

Pre-K through 3rd Grade

We will help your kids connect with who God is and grow their faith through prayer, reading the Word, and learning cultural contexts of the stories of the Bible.
We are on this journey with you to plant seeds of knowledge in their hearts, but wisdom comes from living God’s Word out loud (Deut. 6:6-9). Our desire is to equip you to live God’s Word out loud with your children. Children are dismissed from service just after communion is served.

Wednesday Nights:

1st – 6th Grade

Our heart is for our children to grow in the Spirit and in the Word.

 Wednesday night groups are a different vibe than our Sunday classes. We get it! Our  kids may have been sedentary for most of the day, so we use an interactive curriculum to get them moving.

Our 1st – 3rd graders meet every Wednesday night in the Explorer Room and our 4th- 6th graders meet every Wednesday in the Navigate Room at the building. Both groups start at 6:30pm.

Service + Summer = VBS, Camp Elevate and loads of fun 

We are passionate about teaching our kids the value of service.  Serving the community is a part of who we are and our children’s ministry is no exception. During the summer we have fun loving on each other and serving the community.

 From “capturing the flag”, and creating artful masterpieces, to strategically placing encouraging rock messages, we do it all. But the best thing is our kids are learning what it means to LIVE OUT LOUD for Jesus.

Be on the lookout for details about our upcoming 2021 summer activities.  We are looking forward to creating more great memories and making lots of lifetime friendships.