Luke 10 records the encounter of the lawyer with Jesus over the subject of eternal life and the ensuing story of the Good Samaritan.   The final instructions of Jesus to the lawyer were to “Go and do likewise.”  In other words, be intentional with showing mercy to your neighbors and love them.

We provided one approach (adapted from The Art of Neighboring), that might be helpful.

1.  Diagram the names of all your closest neighbors.

Download a sample template here.

A helpful tool for learning names is at

A phrase like, “I know we wave at each other all the time, but I’m sorry I don’t know your name” could also be helpful.

2.  Keep their names in a place where you can be reminded to pray for them.

3.  Find a way to build a relationship.

Ideas for building relationships:

  • Bake cookies and deliver them
  • Invite one family a month into your home for a meal or desert
  • Host a gathering on your street and let everyone bring a dish
  • Identify a need to meet (cutting grass, leaves for someone who is unable)
  • Walk the same time every day
  • Be out in the front yard more
  • Join the neighborhood watch
  • Attend the Redland Community Association meeting
  • Volunteer in your neighborhood HOA
  • Ask a neighbor over to watch a sporting event
  • When doing yard work, stop and chat with neighbors in the yard


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