More Meaningful Together

More Meaningful Together

“Happy are those who mourn; God will comfort them!” – Matthew 5:4 GNT

This verse from Jesus’ sermon on the mount sounds like an oxymoron. Right? Can the path to God’s comfort and joy really begin with mourning? Can joy and sorrow even co-exist? My experience has been that they cannot only co-exist, but they are more meaningful together.

I was terrified the first few times I attended GriefShare and know how hard it can be to push through feelings of dread. I feared that attending a grief support group might actually do more harm than good. A well meaning friend suggested that I just keep busy and ignore my grief. I am so glad we took our pastor’s advice and gave GriefShare a try. 

I love that our Redland Hills church family is committed to seeking a deeper connection to God, living in community with each other, and showing compassion to our neighbors. We have the same core values in GriefShare. I have learned through GriefShare just how vital a deep connection to God, a community of faith and compassion towards others is to healing in grief. 

The Swedish proverb: “A burden shared is halved; a joy shared is doubled” is especially true in GriefShare. Sharing our sorrows with a compassionate group really does help reduce their weight, and sharing our joys with those who understand our sorrow adds considerable weight to our joy. It is only in the context of our grief that our joy can truly be understood. They are more meaningful together.

Had I chosen busyness over facing my fears and grief, I would have missed the comfort, joy and deeper connection I experienced with God. I would not have received the invaluable encouragement found in living in community or learned how to show genuine, hard won compassion to others. GriefShare facilitated all of these things for us, and that is why I am passionate about offering it at Redland Hills Church. What fears keep you from trying GriefShare?

To register or learn more:

Two groups starting in January:

Anyone grieving a death of a friend or loved one:
Sundays at 3 PM starting January 17th 2021

Bereaved parents:
Wednesdays at 6 PM starting January 13th 2021

Join at anytime. Each session is self-contained. They do not have to be attended sequence. You will find encouragement whenever you begin and have the opportunity to attend more than one time through.

Jenny Coleman 
RHC GriefShare facilitator

GriefShare: a 13 week video seminar and support group offering help and encouragement for those grieving the death of a friend or loved one. Sign up for a free e-devotional: