11165319_449754615201858_5385956919330885882_nMeaningful and encouraging relationships are an important part of our church family.  We like to think of ourselves as a family living on mission together.

We have found it helpful to gather in Family Groups and as a larger group we call our Missional Community.  These family groups meet in a home twice a month and consists of 4-6 families who share life together.

Up In Out
We like to think of these groups having a rhythm of moving up, in, and out.  “Up” is growing in our relationship with God.  We worship together, open the Bible, and share what God is doing in our lives.  “In” is being intentional in our relationships with one another and living in Christian community.  We love each other, pray for one another, carrying one another’s burdens, share life together, and play together.  Once a month all of our Family Groups meet together as a Missional Community for an intentional project in our neighborhoods.  “Out” moves us beyond ourselves and into the world around us, looking for opportunity to do good and demonstrate the power of the Kingdom of God.  That can be volunteering together in the community or simply serving a neighbor.

IMG_0421Our groups have served by doing yard work for those who are unable, hosted movie nights in the neighborhood, cooked meals for folks in need, kids have written cards to surgery patients in Africa, gone Christmas caroling, we’ve been on prayer walks, and hosted a dinner to express our appreciation to our local volunteer fire fighters.

For more specific meeting information, please contact us.IMG_0429