Malawi Surgery Trip

It was an amazing week just outside of Lilongwe, Malawi as 4 of our Redland Hills Church family participated in a surgical mission at Blessings Hospital.  A team of 40 people from across the eastern United States came together to perform 11 surgeries that ranges from hysterectomies, mastectomies, lumpectomies, and other masses.  Rivers Sellers was an amazing nurse, rotating in the patient wards between day shift and night shift.  Faith Ann Gunn prepared more than 50 people each meal, 3 times a day, for an entire week!  She was on her feet a lot and kept the team well-fueled.  Allen Gunn was busy using his engineering skills to complete some campus infrastructure improvements and keep essential equipment operating smoothly.  Wes Gunn was the team leader and organizing the logistics.  Some of our team also participated in mobile medical units that go out into the rural areas to serve those with limited access to transportation.  We pray God was glorified in all that was said and done.  We are thankful for everyone’s prayers and the safety of all our patients, who came through great.  Thank you for sending us as ambassadors and servants of the gospel.


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