Just Perfect

Just Perfect

Grocery shopping is always an adventure for me. Climbing into cold storage units or scaling up shelves along the isle are common. Usually I try to maneuver about discreetly, but sometimes I stalk tall people; following them down an aisle, asking them to grab an extra bottle or two as they reach for theirs. When you’re four feet nine inches tall, vertical storage = “opportunity for creative problem solving”. 

There was a time when I didn’t see it this way. I envied tall people.  I wasted a lot of time despising my shortness and wishing I was taller. 

How silly of me! Your tallness is beautiful, but I too am wonderfully and magnificently made!

My hope is that you are instilling in your kids how magnificent they are – just the way God created them. Do they know regardless of height, weight, hair or skin color they are beautiful? 

What are you intentionally doing to teach them their worth?

What are you intentionally doing to teach them to value others?

Tell them. Simply say it out loud OFTEN!

Ask them. Have conversations about what they think about their physical and spiritual strengths and weaknesses.

Show them. Let them see and hear you speak of your worth as a child of God.

Train them. Teach them to see the beauty in their unique qualities as well as the differences in others.

Challenge them. Learn scripture together about who God says we are. Use those scriptures to encourage others and your family.

You are beautiful! 

Keep Living Out Loud

in HIM, terry