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June 21-24
For students 7th-12th grade

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When Faith Is Hanging By A Thread

Faith, even mixed with doubt, unleashes the power of God. Jesus doesn’t need bullet-proof faith to work miracles, but he does need some expression of faith in him, however small it may be. If you are struggling or clinging to faith, don’t give up. Hold on to Jesus!

A New Life

If Jesus did it all for us, what role do we have? We have the role to believe in New Life. There was a penalty for our sin that Jesus took on in exchange for that New Life He gave us. He took on your death so that you can have life.

In the Cave with Jesus

Depression is like a cave. It is a dark place with no clear road map out and many pitfalls. To experience depression does not mean you aren’t loved, you don’t love God enough, or you aren’t saved. We are invited to bring our pain to Jesus because he knows how it feels and he can relate to us.

Extinguishing Anger

Anger, it gets all of us from time to time. If we leave it unattended it can smolder and eventually get to a point of uncontrollable outbursts and sin. How do we deal with anger in a healthy and Holy Way?

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You Have A Purpose

  Psalm 139:13 You[God] knit me together in my mother’s womb.  Knit- to join together, put together. I am as unique as a snowflake. My fingerprints are unique to only me. God has a plan for me! God gave me purpose! God has a purpose for your life- unique to you as well! Comprehending this statement is important because life without direction and purpose is futile. Please do not confuse busyness or achievement or success with purpose. Some people think…

Offended Christians

This is a reprint from a 2019 post, but because I have been having conversations with a lot of “offended” brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s worth re-posting. They are living in an “upset state of mind” over conversations, issues, and flat out gossip, for which they have no context: re-living (daily) the venomous words these moments have created- with no healing in sight. Being an offended christian is neither healthy nor pretty. What’s the deal about Christians being offended?…

How to Experience More Life and Light and Peace in a Broken World

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little? Our imaginations are always active and continually influenced by things around us. As we grow older, we can forget how powerful they can be. We learn in Romans 8:6, “For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” In our broken world, it is easy to imagine that we are alone when we are afraid or angry…

Bad Marriage Advice

We’ve all heard it. Someone, somewhere gave another human marriage advice so spectacularly bad that we cringed a little bit inside. Usually this someone was on a reality show. Or at a relative’s wedding.  Those unfortunate platitudes are easy to spot and just as easy to brush aside. Slightly more dangerous, however, are those bits of advice that seem very applicable and true on the surface, but become somewhat problematic if you look at them a little closer. Here are…

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