Happy 1 Year!

Happy 1 Year!




On January 26, 2014 there were 52 of us who assembled for the public launch of the Redland Hills Church.  There had been weeks of research, training, and sharing the vision with others.  We purchased chairs, sound equipment, children’s ministry items, and a trailer to haul everything in.  God provided the perfect place for us.  We are incredibly grateful to God for his abundant provision over the past year.  What began as an idea over lunch at Momma Goldberg’s deli in February 2013 has now turned into a church family of relationships and shared life.  Perhaps on this one year anniversary it is what I am most grateful for.  We think about all of the people who are now so special to us that we didn’t know one year ago.  God has united our hearts around his mission.  It’s my prayer that God has drawn us closer to himself and that Kingdom fruit is coming from our church family.  That fruit is blessing our community and our world.

As we enter year two, I can’t wait to see what God will do among us.  What people will God bring into our lives?  What opportunities will he give us for bringing glory to his name?  How will we be better neighbors and friends in our community?  How will we grow in love for one another?  Are we making disciple of Jesus?

Thanks for your encouragement, patience, and grace towards me as a young church planter.  I can’t think of any thing else I’d rather be doing.  I’m grateful to God for this opportunity.