Fidgety, rambling, loner- it’s how i learn!

Fidgety, rambling, loner- it’s how i learn!

Ever wonder why your child won’t sit still or why she has to put her hands on everything? Have you tried to talk to her, but she keeps interrupting and completing your sentences?

She may simply be doing what comes naturally to her based on how she’s wired to learn.  In other words this is how she receives, relates, and releases information.

When our children were younger, We talked about how different our kids were yet we expected  them to be similar if not the same in how they learned. This was frustrating for us and definitely for them.  Their learning styles were just as unique as their personalities. 

Learning to acknowledge and appreciate their VERY DIFFERENT styles of learning was life changing for us. We stopped beating ourselves up about not being good parents because one or the other child just ” wasn’t grasping something” AND we freed  both of them to “explore” the world the way God wired them to see it.

You may be way ahead of me and already allow your child to learn the way God wired her.  So this is old information to you. But, if you’re like I was – clueless, this will be life changing!

Learning Styles: ( How we receive, relate, and release information)

Kinesthetic Learners-

  1. Body language is dominant means of communication.
  2. Like to touch.
  3. Gesturing may be exaggerated.
  4. They enjoy exploring.
  5. Enjoy building, and playing games that require manipulating objects.
  6. Neatness is not a priority

Auditory Learners-

  1. Express themselves best through words. 
  2. They talk a lot. May seem like they’re being rude.
  3. Like to read aloud.
  4. Generally remember songs and sounds and are inspired through and by music.
  5. Like to talk through problems- alone and with others.

Visual Learners-

  1. Like to watch, study people and things.
  2. Likes to mirror others emotions.
  3. Generally like to read. Sometimes they get lost in books. Keen imagination.
  4. More apt to have strong vocabulary.
  5. Visually astute to patterns, noticing when things are out of place.
  6. Are often neat and tidy.

 Keep Living Out Loud,

in HIM, terry