Pursuing God through the discipline of fasting can be an amazing and spiritually fulfilling practice.  If you are new to fasting, we suggest growing and reading about the discipline to avoid some mistakes that will disrupt or hurt your seeking God.

  1.  Before beginning your fast, make a plan.  Write out what you will do, for how long, and how you will focus your mind on the Lord.  Have some worship music ready.
  2. Do some reading.  There are some excellent resources available for those who want to learn more.  We suggest:
    1. Chapter 4 of Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline.
    2. A free e-book is available by John Piper,  A Hunger for God, which is a deeper study.
    3. Do a search of scriptures where people were fasting.  Make notes of their desires and results.
  3. Examine your motives, as Jesus taught in Matthew 6:16.
  4. Stay hydrated with lots of water and juice.  You may notice your blood sugar drop and cause lightheadedness at the end of your fast, so drink plenty of juice.
  5. People who are diabetic, pregnant, or have other health issues should consider an alternative type of fast (giving up something else they regularly participate or crave).
  6. Grow deeper from a one-time fast into regular intervals of fasting as God directs.  Share your commitment with an accountability/prayer partner.