The Redland Hills family has been blessed to have called the Brookwood Clubhouse home since our beginning in 2014.  As our family has grown, we’ve begun to dream of ways to make room for more people and provide our children a space that will meet our needs.

In July 2015 the church family was presented an amazing opportunity to purchase 8 acres on Rifle Range Rd across from the newly constructed Dollar General.  We closed on this property in October 2015 following a generous Sunday that enabled us to put almost half the purchase price down in cash.  The remaining balance was seller financed and a generous rate.  We are scheduled to pay this off in only 18 months (Jan 2017)!

We also began looking for other meeting space alternatives in our community until we can construct our own facility.  At this time the Elmore County School board does not rent to churches, which eliminates Redland Elementary. There is not other larger facility currently available in the Redland community.  In oder to get a bigger facility, we will have to build it ourselves.  In January 2016 we saw that we would need a facility sooner than later and assembled our Foundation Team to begin the process.  The team consists of:

Phillip Neighbors- chairmanfront-elevation-board-web-001

Allen Gunn

Dwight Leary

Phil Brantley

Danny Hadden

Erin Caskey

Aaron Holden

Tim Castro

Early on Allen Gunn began to put some concept drawings together in order to conceptualize what would fit on the property.  Over time the group continued to refine these drawings and really loved the layout and cost-effectiveness of what was designed.  Careful consideration was given to a master plan that allows for unrestricted growth in the future.  This phase one is expect to seat a little more than 250 in the worship space (double our current capacity) with 6 classrooms and one office.  The estimated cost to build will be roughly $750,000.

While we are hopeful to begin construction the first half of 2017, much of our progress will depend on the initial funds required by the bank.  We look forward to building a home to welcome more people!