Elder Nominations

Elder Nominations

Elders play a special role in the care of God’s church. Godly leadership is essential to carrying out the ministry and mission of the church. Several passages describe the qualities of an elder.

Acts 20:28

1 Timothy 3

Titus 1:5-9

We are in an exciting season as a church as we mature and appoint our first Elder team. This team will steward the vision of Redland Hills, monitor the church’s doctrine to be in alignment with scripture, perform pastoral care, serve as a prayer covering, mediate conflict, serve as accountability for the Senior Pastor, and serve as the legal trustees of the organization. They must have been an active member of RHC for at least 2 years. Elders will be appointed to 3 year terms, which maybe reaffirmed by the church for a second consecutive term. After the second term there is a one year sabbatical before he is able to be nominated again.

The church membership is being invited to enter into a season of prayer and discernment as we listen to God and ask for his guidance. If the Holy Spirit brings a name (or several) to mind whom you see the qualities mentioned in scripture, you are invited to submit a nominating form

Please place completed forms in a sealed envelope and deliver to the Senior Pastor, the collection boxes in the worship center, or mail to the church. Please submit only one name per form, although you may submit multiple forms.

Forms should be submitted ASAP. Questions may be directed to Pastor Wes.