Church In A Trailer

We’re 8 weeks into the launch of the Redland Hills Church.  We’ve been blessed with so much encouragement and prayers from all over the world.  There are many unique aspects to an infant church that many people might have never considered.  First, we don’t own a facility but meet in a rented neighborhood clubhouse.  The blessing is that we’re 100% debt-free and can change locations easily as we grow.  We’ve been blessed to have a wonderful relationship with the Brookwood HOA to allow us to rent their clubhouse.  It is a perfect space for both our worship gathering and children’s classrooms.  We begin the day around 8:30 with our set up crew (with 4 teams) pulling up at Emerald Valley Storage on Rifle Range Rd to hook up to our church trailer in order to get ready for our 10:30 worship gathering.  RHC Trailer

Since we are in a rented facility we have to setup and take down each week.  Once our trailer pulls up to the clubhouse we start by moving the existing furniture out.  Then we roll in the audio equipment and chairs.  We place signage out on Jackson Rd and at the entrance to the clubhouse.  We even bring in the coffee pot!  During all of this our children’s team is preparing their space, which we are able to leave set up during the week.  Typically we can have all of this set up in one hour.  Then after our worship gathering we break it all down and load it back up.  You might think that it sounds like a lot of work.  However, it has been a wonderful way for people to serve and enjoy being a part of the preparation for worship each week.  Even our visitors often get their hands dirty.   We can certainly empathize with the Israelites who moved the Tabernacle for 40 years!

Already in our short 8 weeks we’ve been blessed with more than 30 family units from the area who’ve been our guest.  People have learned about us from our mail out to the community, Facebook, and especially friendly invitations to our neighbors.  Curious neighbors even across the street have joined us.  We’ve found many people enjoy the small size of a church plant because you can learn people’s names.  We love it when people visit one time, but we’re even more excited when people come back a second time!


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