Thinking of Easter in the Middle of Winter

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I don’t know about you, but I’m really ready for spring.  Spring in Alabama is a gorgeous season (except for the pollen!) as the trees turn light shades of green, tulips and other bulbs blossom, and the azaleas will soon sprout their colors.  But that is hard to imagine on a day like today when […]

Happy 1 Year!

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    On January 26, 2014 there were 52 of us who assembled for the public launch of the Redland Hills Church.  There had been weeks of research, training, and sharing the vision with others.  We purchased chairs, sound equipment, children’s ministry items, and a trailer to haul everything in.  God provided the perfect place […]

2015 Preview

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Happy new year!  As we turn the page on the calendar to 2015 we can all look back and consider the ways that God has worked in our lives and has grown us.  Perhaps God has done some things in your life that you could have never anticipated on Jan 1, 2014.  Some of those […]

The “Coming” Christmas

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“Advent” is a word you might have heard but may have not understood.  We often start hearing this word before Christmas, especially at church.  It simply means the “coming” or anticipation of Jesus.  This is true in two ways.  We anticipate the celebration of the nativity and also hold an expectant hope in the second […]

Parenting Through the Mess

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Parenting is hard work.  It’s hard for for many reasons, but one major reality is that life is just messy.  Strong willed kids, homework, sports, discipline problems, catching every cold going around school, and ever increasing expenses to raise a child are just a few of the complications of being a modern parent.  Because many […]

From Darkness to Light

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Every once in a while we are captivated by an exceptional story on the news of someone who is rescued.  Sometimes it is from a car accident, a natural disaster, a fire, a hijacker, or even modern day slavery.  We cheer, sometimes with live television cameras, as we watch the drama unfold and a person […]

Back-yard Growth!

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From the beginning we’ve desired to be a church that is firmly rooted in our community.  What better way to be in the community than to do something in the backyard?  The week of July 11 we partnered with Child Evangelism Fellowship to host a back-yard Bible camp each today.  We had tremendous response from […]

Malawi Surgery Trip

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It was an amazing week just outside of Lilongwe, Malawi as 4 of our Redland Hills Church family participated in a surgical mission at Blessings Hospital.  A team of 40 people from across the eastern United States came together to perform 11 surgeries that ranges from hysterectomies, mastectomies, lumpectomies, and other masses.  Rivers Sellers was […]

Barabbas Tells the Gospel

We are in the last few days leading up to Easter.  While marshmallow chicks and Cadbury eggs tempt our diets, we can also be tempted to miss the central focus of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus.  So much happens in the last few hours of Jesus life, from the Passover meal shared with his disciples, […]

Church In A Trailer

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We’re 8 weeks into the launch of the Redland Hills Church.  We’ve been blessed with so much encouragement and prayers from all over the world.  There are many unique aspects to an infant church that many people might have never considered.  First, we don’t own a facility but meet in a rented neighborhood clubhouse.  The […]