Big and Tiny

Big and Tiny


Do you ever  think about the fact that we’re living on a SPINNING PLANET and no one is flying or falling off?  

Come on now. All the things that have to be in order for this to be. 

God spoke.  There was order – PERIOD. (brain exploding)

AND THEN, I get to see Him up close and personal in my life….

Looking at my children, specifically my girl- born premature. A tiny, tiny, little thing. Every breath she took was a mountain overcome. And now some 20 years later, a beautiful, vibrant, full of life and determined woman. She brings a breath of fresh air to every room she enters.

In the moment, we could only see her tiny-ness, but God doesn’t need big to accomplish BIG things. We were told when we finally brought her home from the hospital, that she would have medical and developmental challenges for the rest of her life. 

Well that was not received- AMEN!

It particularly wasn’t received from my son, who had prayed for this little girl before she was even conceived (I’ll tell you that story another day).  He ‘declared’ before we did that she had great things to accomplish. 

Genesis 2:7 tells us that man was formed from the dust of the earth and received the breath of life from God….. well what God breathes life into HAS A PURPOSE! 

So we simply spoke purpose over her (as we had with our son). I don’t pretend to know everything, or think I have my act all together, but one thing I do know is God says HE is present when we are being put together in our mother’s womb and that we are magnificently made. (I say it like this: “God don’t make no junk”)

And because I know He doesn’t make junk, I can say to you….

Whatever physical or mental circumstances your child may encounter- declare Purpose over them. Say to your child  “Your life is breath from God- you are a miracle.” Then, set expectations for her that reflect this declaration.

When you speak to your child about who he is, speak as one with authority. Speaking confidently about who your child IS, will allow him the confidence to BECOME that person. Matthew 17:20 says nothing is impossible when we have faith. 

Having faith, allows you to model letting go of  emotions such as worry, fear, doubt, and anxiety. 

Remember, what you do is just as important as what you say.

Do pray often, and out loud over your children and allow them to pray out loud over you. 

My son, became strength for us during that tough time. He prayed believing that his voice mattered to God and that God had given him a job to do. He may have been a little fellow, but his prayers were oh so big!

When you allow  your children to marvel at the bigness of God, while also developing a personal relationship with Jesus, they WILL be over comers. Big or tiny, through whatever challenges, they will walk in their “breath of purpose.”  

Keep Living Out Loud

in HIM, terry