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The Rains Came Tumbling Down

Don’t believe that just because your foundation is Jesus that storms will not come. They come against everyone. Instead, take the words and teachings of Jesus and say “This is how I am going to make decisions in my life. This is what I am going to stand on.”

Don’t Judge Me

Sometimes we can cast judgement and not even realize we’re doing it. While it is natural to have an initial reaction when someone does something to harm us, offend us, or even talk bad about us, let’s change our perspective by incorporating these three ways to walk in the way of Jesus when it comes to judgement. 

Secrecy In An Age of Share-ability

Do your actions matter? Yes they do. But motives, the stuff that is hidden, the stuff that can be deceptive, matters even more. Listen as we uncover three acts of righteousness to help us understand.

Reversing Revenge

Instead of retaliation towards your enemies what if you gave them public praise? With God in your heart it is possible. Jesus has asked us to come at this world in a different perspective. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

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3105 Rifle Range Rd Wetumpka, AL 36093